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Real Time Access with CRM Software

Posted on December 29 2021

Having a sales CRM software solution offers you a flexible way to track essential data about your customers. With real-time access to dashboards and reports, you can optimize business processes, through sales, marketing and even customer services. Making sure your employees have the information they need as soon as they need it means they can make better decisions for your business. This is information that can be used to create important KPIs, (Key Performance Indicators) which are important when developing and implementing strategies. You should be looking at how to get more new customers and how to boost existing customer happiness. See straight away how well your marketing efforts are performing using the real time dashboard.

Marketing benefits of having real time access to customer data 

Some of those major benefits include:

  • Marketing management is easier, more effective and quicker 
  • You can plan more effective marketing campaigns and course-correct as needed while they are still active, not after the fact when it is too late 
  • Adjust strategies and align them with the resources you have to better drive them to the marketing goals you have 
  • Save money by being better able to identify investments that under-perform 
  • Gain a better understanding of how the marketing strategies you create have an impact on both projected revenue and current revenue 
  • Better able to segment customer data so that you can make more successful targeted customer decisions 
  • More seamless and problem-free tracking across the whole business and across different communication channels that save you money and time 

Accurate forecasts are essential for better sales 
With better insight into projected sales for the company, you can mitigate the potential for a sales performance that is disappointing. The sales CRM software dashboard helps you check on sales performance and better allows you to see comparisons of current sales versus planned, your sales team's win/loss ratios, pipeline performance and more. Address issues in marketing and sales sooner because you see them sooner, and more quickly and save money. 

Boost Customer Happiness 
With real-time data, you can monitor more closely customer service, how customers are supported and what their experience is like and their satisfaction levels. With this tracking, you can spot threats to that satisfaction, change processes to boost their positive experiences and address issues they bring up with things like products, agents and so on. CRM software will also help you; 

  1. Lower costs in customer service while still being able to spot, prioritize and take care of the customers. 
  2. Monitor the performance of agents and call centers across the company so that you can make sure everything is to a certain standard and you can adjust resources if it is needed. 

    Whether you go with in-house or web-based sales CRM software you can improve the management of many areas of your business including sales and marketing. That real-time data access is an essential management tool any business can benefit from, making you more effective and more profitable. 



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