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Data Science is the Smart Technology That Goes Unseen

Posted on December 18 2021

Every day, data and analytics touch our lives in ways that we can’t begin to imagine. As an example, it can be seen when you log on to a video call, pay for your train ticket, or order your cappuccino using your phone. Or view spending trends on your bank account using an app or website. 

When you visit a new city, do you use apps to figure out how to get to your hotel or from one landmark to the next? 
especially when it comes to getting where you want to go. Indeed, data analytics reduce your travel time, manage traffic congestion, and create safer and more accessible ways to use public transit.When you’re waiting to catch the bus or jump on the commuter train to get to work in the morning, your phone app may tell you whether your ride is on schedule — and exactly how many minutes until the next bus or train arrives at your stop. 

Today’s unpredictable, and often extreme, winter weather demands a rapid response from busy cities whose residents expect roads to be plowed quickly and efficiently. Simply put, cities need to minimize the impact of inclement weather on daily commutes and doings by getting snowplows and other machinery on the road as quickly as possible. We’ve seen how Uber and Lyft have changed ride sharing. SNOWiQ makes it possible for cities to also be responsive to peak times and high-demand areas and use additional contractors to shore up their snow-clearing fleets 
Meeting the inspection and permit-issuance demands of a major city can be a challenge for local authorities but INSPECTiQ technology makes the task just a bit more manageable. The technology enables municipalities to streamline how they manage inspections of housing and construction projects by providing a convenient way to dispatch and track inspectors. Armed with tablets running GPS-enabled INSPECTiQ-based apps, inspectors carry out their duties and report their findings, while administrators have easy access to real-time tracking of progress and inspector location so they can maximize productivity and minimize response time for urgent inspections.Like SNOWiQ, INSPECTiQ adds flexibility to municipal forces and boosts the gig economy. 


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